The regions of South Karelia are excellent tourist destinations for all travelers interested in culture, as well as for those who dream of diverse recreational opportunities either in the peace of nature or in the bustling city life. The clear waters and unspoilt nature of the area make South Karelia a popular destination also for hikers and fishermen.

On this site you will find memorable activities and experiences for your trip, suitable for families with children, couples and larger groups. In South Karelia you can spend a holiday just like you in the beautiful national landscapes of Borderlands!

Come and enjoy the Karelian hospitality and warmth by getting to know the locals and their services and hobbies. South Karelia offers a great variety of exciting, relaxing and fun activities to do. Whether you are travelling with your family, friends, spouses or by yourself, South Karelia offers many thing to try and experince. 

Pictures: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen


Borderlands are full of lakes, rivers and routes where you can paddle or canoe! For example in Ruokolahti you can canoe and explore the lakeviews with 110 kilometres long route! More info about paddling and canoeing from the links below.

Picture: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen

Paddling in Ruokolahti

Paddling in Parikkala 



Did you now that Parikkala is one of the most species-rich bird areas in Inner Finland? So it's a great place for bird watching. There are nationally known bird areas in Parikkala, the most famous of which is certainly Siikalahti. So take your binoculars and cameras ready and enjoy the bird watching!

Picture: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen



Cycling is fun activity to do! You can find several different cycling routes in Borderlands. For example a cycling route called The Iron Curtain will take you from Parikkala to Ruokolahti and show you many awesome sites to see during the route. Read more about the routes from links below. 

Picture: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen

Cycling in Parikkala

Cycling in Rautjärvi

Cycling in Ruokolahti


Swimming is the best summer activity. Luckily, Borderlands are full of beaches! Explore different simming options from the links below.

Picture: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen

Beaches in Parikkala

Beaches in Rautjärvi

Beaches in Ruokolahti

Huuharanta beach


Huuhanranta beach is also knows as "The Riviera of lake Saimaa". It is one the longest open beaches in Saimaa. You can arrive to the beach by walking or cycling, with car or even with canoe. You can find fireplaces and barbeque shed near the beach where you can grill sausages like a typical Finn!

Picture: Arto Apila / Etelä-Karjalan Virkistysaluesäätiö



Gecaching is a great way to explore outdoors with the whole family! Even the family's yougest ones get excited about this treasure hunt in the nature! 

Picture: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen



Along the nature trails, you can sit back and rest your feet or even fry sausages in one of the several beautiful sheds found on the Borderlands. There are dozens of sheds along the routes where you can find a good place to breathe and enjoy nature!

Picture: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen


Disc golf

Disc golf can be played in several areas of Borderlands. Disc golf tracks are located in Simpele, Ruokolahti and Parikkala. Explore these options from the links below.

Picture: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen

Disc golf in Parikkala

Disc golf in Simpele

Disc golf in Ruokolahti

Berry and mushroom picking

The national autumn hobby of Finns is berry picking and mushroom picking. In Borderlands we have unlimited space to wonder in forrest and pick your own food. Be sure to get acquinted with the Finnish "Every mans rights" so you know what to do!

Picture: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen


Sport shooting


Simpele's Hahlo ry is a sport shooting association located in Simpele. Hahlo arranges events where you can safely get acquinted with sport shooting. These events are great activities for friend groups, bachelor and bridal parties and for company's retreats. 




Do you feel like doing a fun indoor activity? Simpele has a small, 2-lane bowling alley run by Simpeleen Keilaajat ry. You just can't run out of activities to do in Borderlands! 


Cross-Country skiing

Borderlands are full of snow during winter! That of course means that skiing tracks are easy to find. Take your skiing boots and skis and head out to the tracks. Skiing is a great way to explore the Finnish culture. 

Picture: Markku "Marsa" Anttonen