Food Experiences

South Karelia's traditional food

In South Karelia we respect recipes of Karelian cuisine and clean, local ingredients. Travellers have in ages been enjoying the traditional fresh treats such as Karelian pies, sultsinas, vatrushkas, tsupukkas, karelian rost and unleavened bread. 

You can find tasty and delicious offerings for parties, coffee dates, caterings, romantic dinners and on the road. Grab yourself the most delicious experiences from our sweet and salty restaurants and bakeries. 

Magic of open fire salmon

Experience the Borderline's culinaristic magic by tasting foods in forests or eating delicious menus in the quiet nature. In borderlines you can get acquainted to traditional sausage grilling and to special dinners by the nature.  


Experience wine!

Have you always wanted to taste quality wines and hear stories behid the bottles? From Borderlands you can find tastings for dry, sparkling and many more!