Long route (5 km)

Max 30 persons
Duration 1 - 1

The guided tours provide a varied walk through the history and present of the Hiitolanjoki, also known as Kokkolanjoki rivers, hiking trails, power plant rapids and free rapids, nature and activities, and the near future in restoration and tourism from Lake Laatokka to the headwaters of the watershed and Lake Saimaa. Arrival and transfers by own cars. Special destinations e.g. Lahnasenkoski Power Plant Museum, the sunken wood biorefinery of the Uudensilta backwater and the Silamusjoki Wilderness Lookout. The guide is Mikko Europaeus, a long-term specialist in Hiitolanjoki, a researcher, non-fiction writer, test paddler, project coordinator and chairman of the Hiitolanjoki Association.

Possibility of self-catering by the campfire at Lahnanen campfire shelter or Kangaskoski shed, in which case additional time must be reserved for this. Meals can be arranged for a group also separately on site as an additional service, ask for a quote. Starting point of the tour: Silamusjoki carpet washing place, junction from Änkiläntie.

October 2022
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