Wild herb festival

Wild herb festival

Kangaskoskentie 220, 56800 Simpele

Min 1 persons
Max 70 persons

Edible wild plants are identified and collected from nearby nature, prepared from three different locations with a sensory-pleasing herbal menu. The collection of ingredients and the preparation of the food are guided by hortail professionals.

The day culminates with a joint meal on the banks of the Hiitolanjoki River. Participants will receive recipes for prepared portions. It is possible to buy e.g. wild herbs, mushrooms and honey products. Companies Retired Reload, Wildventure, Päivi-Angervo, Kielomäki are involved

The starters point: Herb spread, herb bread, Herb tacos - tzatziki filling, Horta chopping wrapped in lime leaves

The main meal point; Wild herb salad, Oatmeal, Hiitolanjoki river fish, Robble roast

The dessert point; Rhubarb honey with waffles

Drinks: Juniper berry kvass and honey mead with mint

When booking, please indicate your exact food restrictions in the additional information box. Also indicate the food point where you would like to participate cooking. 

The service is available in both Finnish and English.

Please note that this activity is only for at least 20 people. After making a reservation, the service provider will contact you about the completion of the activity.