Hysrit - a peaceful place

Hysrit - a peaceful place

Kangaskoskentie 220, 56800 Simpele

Min 1 persons
Max 14 persons
Age limit 18

The purpose of the retreat is to support brain health and relieve stress caused by digital devices. The retreat calms down to relieve stress and brain load through yoga, sound bowl relaxation, silence, and nature. Healthy and nutritious food supports the experience, as does light exercise in the close-up. During the retreat, it is possible to discuss the thoughts and feelings aroused between the two with the solution-focused short therapist. B&B Hiitolanjoki is located in the peace of nature near the border. The place itself invites you to calm down and with its serenity supports the release from stress.

This retreat is an excellent program for groups of 10-20 people.

Please note that this activity is only for at least 10 people. After making a reservation, the service provider will contact you about the completion of the activity.


  • Distance to airport: 65 km
  • Distance to train station: 5 km
  • Distance to nearest city: 45 km
  • Distance to nearest store: 5 km
  • Distance to restaurant: 5 km
  • Distance to nearest cottage: 1 km
  • Distance to nearest ski slope: 5 km
  • Distance to water: 0 km

Starting from 220€/per night

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Kangaskoskentie 220, 56800 Simpele

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