A guided trip to Haukkavuori with snacks

A guided trip to Haukkavuori with snacks

Kangaskoskentie 220, 56800 Simpele

Min 1 persons
Max 20 persons
1 day(s)
Age limit 18

Guided walk to the top of Haukkavuori 800m and nature trail 3km. Along the way, you can taste edible natural herbs and get acquainted with the utilization of wild herbs. Nature guide Ninni Koponen as a guide on the trip. Horta-dinners are eaten at Haukkavuori shed.

Arrival at the Haukkavuori car park (Haukkavuorentie 235, Rautjärvi) takes place with your own transport.

You should bring your own bottle of water. Wear shoes that are suitable for walking in this terrain. Also wear proper equipment. Food restrictions must be announced in advance.

Please note that this activity is only for at least 10 people. After making a reservation, the service provider will contact you about the completion of the activity.

Starting 50€/person

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Kangaskoskentie 220, 56800 Simpele

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