Stories and relaxation

Stories and relaxation

Min 2 persons
Max 10 persons
1 day(s)

Under the winter starry sky or in the twilight of the summer forest, stories of past times and events, mythological characters, sorcery, customs, and history are heard. The moonlit winter nights or the twilight of the summer forest get the imagination flying. What does the campfire and the surrounding forest hide? The excursion starts from Kahvila Kaiku (Rasilantie 1, Ruokolahti) located on the church hill in Ruokolahti or alternatively from a destination designated by the customer (eg accommodation). Transportation to the destination is not included in the price. Travel with your own car. The tour includes a guide, campfire coffee / tea / hot drink and a small savory or sweet pastry. Guided tours in Finnish or English. Be sure to wear your own appropriate clothing and footwear.

Duration of the trip: 1½ - 3 hours depending on the destination

Starting 30 €/person

May 2023
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