Campfire fish and other delicacies

Campfire fish and other delicacies

Min 2 persons
Duration 1 - 1

Do you want to add a campfire meal to our program service? Or do you want to walk on forest trails with your own group and still easily enjoy campfire dining? What would it sound like if you didn’t have to carry snacks or dishes with you though, but everything would be delivered to you to a shed ready for you? When you'd arrive at the break, the campfire would already have a warming, atmospheric fire, the table would be covered with the snacks you wanted and you would be able to enjoy the serving. Here, too, we offer the opportunity.

Campfire with a fish theme include campfire salmon or other fish, salad (seasoned with natural herbs) or campfire potatoes, breads, spreads, drinks and campfire coffee (or tea) and seasonal pie with berries or pancakes. The meal lasts approximately 1,5 hours. 

Starting 50€/person
October 2022
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