What are sparkling wines?

What are sparkling wines?

Min 1 persons
Max 30 persons
1 day(s)
Age limit 18

A company retreat, a family party, an association or club meeting, or any group gets a little knowledge about wines, but mostly thrives together and broadens their relationship with the wines. In addition to the guided tasting, Viiniviikari tells stories about the wines and their producers and, of course, the participants also share their own views and experiences. Each participant will have a written presentation of the flavored wines.

The space is controlled or arranged by the buyer. Each participant needs 6-8 quality wine glasses, which can be rented from us if needed.

The customer owns and purchases the wines mentioned on the product card from Alko's online store. Viiniviikari does not engage in drinking in accordance with Finnish legislation. The subscriber may also submit a request for an agent in connection with the order, which Viiniviikari will forward to the agent.

If you do not ask an agent to bring the demonstration wines of this product directly to the event, get these wines as soon as possible from Alko's online store to your nearest store. For 1-15 people 1 bottle of wine is enough, for 16-30 people 2 bottles of wine. Before the event, cool the wines roughly according to the listing. If your order is causing problems or you otherwise want to ask something, call Viiniviikari as soon as possible.


Alko number / wine name / price / temperature

924 806 / Gancia Prosecco Rose Extra Dry / 13,90€ /  +6°C

914 477 / Vilarnau Organic Cava Brut / 12,98 / +6°C

543 677 / Stellenrust Chenin Blanc Brut / 10,99€ / +6°C

913 477 / Pizzolato Biologico Prosecco Extra Dry / 11,90€ / +6°C

933 147 / Bestheim Crémant d’Alsace Brut Premiun / 13,19€ / +6°C

593 967 / Baron-Fuenté Grande Réserve Champagne Brut / 27,99€ / +6°C


NOTE! When booking, please clearly indicate in the additional information box if you would like an agent to procure wines for you. This is a free service.

Additional services

  • Wine glasses (72 pcs)